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Burgess Lion Ointment
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Burgess Lion Ointment

Product Information

Over 100 years of healing!

Healing & drawing ointment to soothe & protect the skin

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Reviews / Comments
"My family have been using this ointment for years and it has never failed to cure any infections.☺"
Mar 10 2018, 14:08 PMby Julie Beaney

"My family have used Lion Ointment since I can remember (1958). When it disappeared from the shelves I found it a great loss as have always found it great for the cuts, splinters and minor painful skin complaints invariably caused in the workshop. It is a great thing that this wonderful preparation is still available through Fethergills."
Aug 06 2017, 22:15 PMby Andrew Brown-Searle

Comment: Pleased to find an old friend
"Just taken delivery. I remember Lion Ointment from the 1970s when it was produced by Leo Laboratories. An excellent product for drawing and healing. The formula of the present product may be a little different. The colour is lighter (possibly the beeswax) and it smells sweeter than I recall. The main thing is how it works. I'll post again once I have used it."
Dec 03 2015, 10:36 AMby Stefan Kowal

great news
"I an so pleased to find that someone is still making and marketing Burgess Lion Ointment. I was told a few years ago that it was not available. I am going to order some now. You might like to know that I still have an old wooden container of Lion ointment which has Edwin Burgess name and address on it and the price of 1/8d. The contents are still effective after all this time. Now I have found you I am functioned in anew jar.It really is good for any cut that is septic and is very healing."
Apr 30 2015, 16:01 PMby Sheila Hatton

An essential for your medicine cupboard
"My family has used Lions Ointment for the last 2 generations. We call ti the Magic Oinmtemnt. Without fail it will remove splinters or thorns embedded deep into the skin, of put on as soon as it has become embedded or as soon as you become aware of it. Simply put a blob of ointment over the affecdted area dress with a lint dressing and micropore tape or any dressing that will stay put, go to bed and when you wak in then morning the splinter will ge cgone and the area will be free of inection, redness and soremess. It really is magic and to do all of thet without the need for any drugs is remarkable ad mist have for any medicine cabinet. It is also excellent for any red sore cuts on the skin, again simply apply a blob to the affected area cover with a dressing that will say put go to bed and in the morning yuou will be free from pain and the inflammation gone. Amazing product that works every time guarnteed"
Sep 15 2013, 12:30 PMby Jenny M

Comment: lion ointment
"I have used lion Ointment on and off for 65 years, and would recomend it to anyone, I found it to be good at healing external ulcers etc"
May 10 2011, 21:23 PMby h clancy

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